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We receive dozens of inquiries a week pertaining to products, lab testing, doctors, treatments, supplements, protocols, food plans, food sourcing, child health, and meditation practices. The Accidental Purist offers short consults to answer your questions, and provide you with resources to move forward on your health and lifestyle journey. Please submit your question and information below, and we will coordinate a Skype time and date with you. After our consult, you will be sent a PayPal notice collecting payment. A reminder that consultations are not medical advise, and that all information in consultations should be discussed with your licensed medical provider.


Pricing is $25 per 10-minute block, with a minimum of 10 minutes per consultation:

10 minutes: $25

20 minutes: $50

30 minutes: $75

40 minutes: $100

50 minutes: $125

60 minutes: $150


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